A core value of Aeris Resources Limited is to develop open and lasting relationships of mutual understanding and respect with all communities and stakeholders within the areas in which it operates.

In line with this principle, Aeris is an active participant in the economic and social wellbeing of its local communities, weighted to its level of activity in the area.

Aeris has an active program of community participation which sees it contribute to various education support activities, charities, sporting groups, apprenticeships and community development programs.

In particular, the Company endeavours to contribute to long term community prosperity by providing programs which will prosper long after Aeris has an active presence in a region.

The Company has a preference of employing locally and training people with the various skills required to become an integral member of a mine’s workforce. As such, the vast majority of Aeris’ workforce is employed from the immediate areas surrounding operations.

Wherever possible Aeris endeavours to seek and support local service providers to contribute to its mining and exploration activities. This is consistent with Aeris’ Community and Heritage Policy to be an active participant in the economic and social wellbeing of the communities in which it operates.