1. Girilambone Public School - EDUCATION

The school requested assistance with improving their playground.  The area was not well landscaped and there were limited areas and materials to foster play among the primary school students.

Tritton employees helped to procure discounted play equipment and then worked alongside the school team to assemble the equipment and install it on site.  The result was a great success and the school was very grateful for the assistance.

2. Drought Relief – COMMUNITY

Tritton is located very close to farmlands, many of which have been severely affected by drought.  Aeris employees on site and at corporate level launched a drought appeal for local farmers and drought affected residents with the support of the St Vincent de Paul Society, who used the funds for:

  • Providing immediate relief through food assistance and assistance with household bill payments;
  • Funding the delivery of water and animal feed by partner organisations; and
  • Organising social events for rural communities to come together and find support.

The funds raised were matched by the Company, with a high-level of support received from the workforce.

 3. Schools Spectacular – COMMUNITY AND EDUCATION

In conjunction with Nyngan Local Aboriginal Land Council, Tritton proudly sponsored 6 students and 1 chaperone from the local area to attend the December 2018 Schools Spectacular in Sydney.  Schools Spectacular is an outstanding showcase of the talent in NSW public schools and in terms of sheer size, scale and scope, it is unrivalled anywhere in the world.

The showcase consisted of, among other things: a 2,700 strong choir; 2,300 diverse dancers; an 80-piece symphony orchestra; a world-class stage band; and a large number of outstanding solo performances.

4. The Blue Sky Ball - COMMUNITY

Supporting mental health and well-being is an important focus for Aeris and the Blue Sky Ball provided one opportunity for team members and the community to connect.

In partnership with mental health and wellbeing charity, Batyr, Aeris was pleased to support the Ball in its efforts to strengthen connections in support of mental health and well-being.

Drought has a major impact on local economy and personal and community well-being.Aeris recognizes the contribution community members make to the fabric of their local district and aims to support continued growth through community sponsorships such as the Blue Sky Ball.

Pictured above: Nyngan locals attend the Blue Sky Ball 2018.


5. Nyngan Junior Cricket Club
Tritton was approached by the Nyngan Junior Cricket Club to assist with sponsorship towards getting playing shirts for the junior team. 

Cricket is a popular sport in Nyngan and the region has received visits from State and National representative cricket players to encourage more children to participate in cricket.

The teams proudly wore their new whites for the start of the 2019 summer season and Aeris was pleased to support the growth of cricket in the local community.

Pictured above: Nyngan Junior Cricket Club 2019.


6. Things that bite and sting  - COMMUNITY

Tritton’s environmental team arranged a free workshop for all interested employees on venomous animals and snakes.

The sessions sought to impart potentially life-saving information to employees about venomous animals.  It touched on which animals are most dangerous, how to approach areas where they may be nesting with caution and what to do if bitten or attacked. 

Nyngan community residents were also offered a chance to attend a similar workshop and many were delighted with the opportunity.

7. Refurbishment of cricket nets at Nyngan State High school - SPORT AND EDUCATION
Nyngan State High school requested assistance with refurbishing their cricket training net area in readiness for the upcoming summer cricket season. 

The Tritton team suggested that some of the used and discarded conveyor belts might be perfect for the job.  The conveyor belts were perfect for the ground base of the nets, having just the right “bounce” properties for young cricketers to refine their craft

The results have been spectacular.  The project took several months to plan, but it is now complete and the school is delighted with their new nets – just in time for the summer cricket season!

Pictured above: Nyngan State High School Refurbishment Cricket Nets.