A core value of Aeris Resources Limited is to develop open and lasting relationships of mutual understanding and respect with all communities and stakeholders within the areas in which it operates.

Aeris Resources recognises and acknowledges the rights of Indigenous people to protect and preserve culture, traditions and customs. We operate in accordance with all relevant heritage and native title legislation– no matter what the stage of our projects.

We work with the local custodians to understand, protect and preserve important places. We pay our respects to the local Indigenous people of the areas where we work and continue to build relationships with traditional owners to maintain high standards of heritage management.


To provide feedback or ask a question about heritage, contact the Aeris heritage team.

Email: enquires@aerisresources.com.au  or by telephone: +61 (0)7 3034 6217.

Whistleblower Hotline

To provide confidential feedback, call the Whistleblower’s confidential hotline: Stopline on 1300 304 550 or email: makeareport@stopline.com.au.