People and values

Some time ago we decided on the kind of company Aeris should be. We wanted to maintain a lean team without multiple levels of hierarchy. We wanted people to be well trained, well-educated and empowered to make decisions without constant micro-management. We also wanted to continue to strengthen our teams with people who not only understand our values, but who live them.

Our commitment to our values and our community is what makes Aeris different from other companies. The vast majority of our workforce at Tritton Copper Operation reside locally and at the Cracow Gold Operation residing locally or in the Cracow Camp facility, meaning they go home every night to their families and are able to contribute to the community through their involvement in sport, recreation and charities. Being located in a rural area means we have access to a willing pool of workers from nearby properties who are keen to diversify their sources of income. This is particularly helpful for some of these people during difficult periods on the land. In return, we have found this section of our workforce positively contributes to not only the group work ethic but also adds diversity to the social fabric that defines the culture of  Aeris’ Operations.

Aeris Resources Executive Chairman, Andre Labuschagne 


Aeris Resources Limited strives to build and maintain a culture of team cohesion and entrepreneurship, we appreciate each other and our interactions are genuine, open and honest. We encourage our people to use their discretion, whilst maintaining our values and principles.


We work safely and ensure our workmates do likewise.


We understand that performing at our best as individuals and within the team is the key to success of the company and our combined future.


We act honestly, do not compromise integrity and uphold ethical standards. We meet or exceed our obligations and standards. We say what we mean and do what we say.


We treat all people with respect, acknowledging them as individuals who each bring unique qualities to our team.


All employees of Aeris Resources are expected to act in accordance with all Company policies and procedures, and act in a manner that reflects the Company’s values.