Whilst we have always endeavoured to operate our business in a sustainable manner, as Aeris grows and evolves as a company, it is important that our commitment to a sustainable future is articulated to, and understood by, our stakeholders. To us, this doesn’t just mean talking about our position on sustainability, it means setting targets and then achieving them.

It is fair to say that we are at the start of this journey but that in no way diminishes our commitment to positively participate in a sustainable future.

In prior years, we have reported on our sustainability practices as part of our annual report. However, with our Company having grown substantially over the past few years as we added a second operating asset (Cracow Gold Operations), our social footprint has increased significantly. As a result of this increased social footprint, in FY2021 we took the proactive step of preparing a standalone Sustainability Report. The Sustainability Report has now become an annual commitment on the part of Aeris Resources and our Board of Directors.

We continue to seek opportunities to grow our Company, organically and/or through value-adding acquisitions. Through this growth, we remain committed to operating responsibly for a sustainable future. We welcome any feedback or questions at

2023 Sustainability Report

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2023 Sustainability Report

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