Aeris continues to entrench environmental monitoring throughout its operations, creating keen environmental awareness behaviours with its employees. This is achieved through regular toolbox talks and environmental induction programs, paired with established environmental management systems and processes.

At the Tritton Copper Operations, environmental impacts and mine closure requirements are actively managed. Research into improving the methods for final mine closure and rehabilitation at the Murrawombie heap leach site are being conducted.

Tritton has relined the heap leach drainage ponds as a first step in closure of the site. Revised closure designs have been prepared for the heaps, following extensive testing of soils and rock materials at the site, targeted for use as rehabilitation covers. Similar research will now be conducted to refine design for the final closure and rehabilitation of the Tritton Tailings Storage Facility.

At the Cracow Gold Operations, Aeris will continue with a site resource recovery strategy that was implemented to reduce waste to landfill and enhance its custodianship of the environment. Effectiveness of the strategy is monitored using Aeris’ environmental database system to capture and analyse the data collected.