Corporate Governance

The Directors of Aeris Resources Limited believe effective corporate governance improves company performance, enhances corporate social responsibility and benefits all stakeholders. Accordingly, the Board has established a number of practices and policies to ensure these intentions are met and all shareholders are fully informed about the affairs of the Company.

A statement outlining the Company’s compliance with the best practice principles is published in each year’s Annual Report.

To date the following policies and statements about the company’s governance practices and systems have been adopted by the Aeris Board.

Aeris Resource Corporate Governance Statement

Board Charter

Audit and Risk Committee Charter

Sustainability Committee Charter

Remuneration and Nomination Committee Charter

Corporate Code of Conduct

Directors Code of Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct

Risk Management Policy Statement

Diversity and Inclusiveness Statement

Sustainability Policy  Statement

Modern Slavery Statement

Disclosure Policy

Securities Trading Policy

Shareholder Communication Guidelines and Policy

Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy

Non-Audit Services Policy

Whistleblower Policy

To provide confidential feedback, call the Whistleblower’s confidential hotline Stopline on 1300 304 550, email: or visit: