Safety, Health and Wellness

Safety, health and wellness

We believe that a safe place of work is created and maintained by all team members. We aim to continually improve our safety performance and support the physical and psychological health of our people.

Safety and health

Safety is one of our core values. We work safely and ensure our colleagues do the same. Our Health and Safety Policy details our commitment to safety, to working in good mental and physical health, and to travelling safely to and from work. Our safety management process is based on risk management standards including:

  • risk and hazard identification,
  • consequence and likely impacts, and
  • implementing controls to eliminate or reduce risk to acceptable levels.

We develop and maintain safe conditions through established risk and safety management controls, including suitable equipment, fitness for work, engineering controls and authorisations, work practices and behaviours, monitoring, training and supervision.

Aeris risk assessments occur in:

  • Mine sites as a Broad-Based Risk Assessment (BBRA);
  • Activity and work planning as a Workplace Risk and Control Assessment (WRAC);
  • Team or procedural as a Job Safety Analysis (JSA); and
  • Employment as a Take 5 or Job Start prior to starting work.

Aeris monitors and examines incidents, injuries and illnesses as safety metrics. Incidents are investigated using the Incident Causal Analysis Method (ICAM) to identify key causal factors.

Our occupational hygiene performance is monitored in individual and common work environments to identify respirable dust and silica, Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM), hydrogencyanide, and noise. Monitoring is conducted independently by specialist consultants.

Aeris monitors any reported hazards, near miss incidents and safety interactions with site leadership. Actions identified are then monitored to ensure any learnings are applied on site and risks are reduced.

For more information about ICMM, injury rates, hygiene exposure limits and health & hygiene management plans at Aeris please read page 8 and 9 of the Sustainability Report.


At Aeris, we prioritise the wellbeing of our people, as well as their health and safety. We have a proactive approach to wellbeing, this includes looking after your mental health and reducing the risk of psychosocial hazards in the workplace, like harassment and bullying. We are proud to be a workplace of respect and expect our employees to behave appropriately towards their colleagues.

We have partnered with Assure, as our Employee Assistance Program provider, to deliver programs to support any employees and their families who are struggling. Assure provides confidential counselling; financial coaching; leadership-specific support; nutritional coaching and counselling for critical incidents. Their service is free to all employees and their family members.

We also deliver practical support to encourage health and wellness amongst our people on site, with our health and safety advisers and local health professionals delivering education and health/wellness checks.

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